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Tyent - The Worlds Best Water Ionizers - Fact!

What people are saying about the Tyent Water Ionizer!

Amazing Health changes!

"My daughter suffered from bad ache and my children, in general, did not like to drink water. However, ever since the machine was installed, her acne has cleared up and loves drinking Tyent Water."
Jenny Bakken

Endless Benefits!

"The benefits seem endless... We are immensely grateful we learned of the Tyent ionizers, and realised that this is a priceless investment in our health. It is simple to use but does so much for water!"
Jenny Mendyka

Healthy Water Choices

"I have played professional sports and coached professional sports and we have been singing the praises of Tyent alkaline water for about nine years... Wouldn't drink anything else."
Tommy House

The Benefits of Tyent Water Ionizers


Tyent water is amazingly benificial and you can select 9 different types of water!

Cleanest Water

“Ultra Plus” filtration ensures the cleanest, healthiest and safest alkaline water in the world.

Ultimate Quality

Industry leading metal plates for ultimate quality. A lot of other machines do not use metal 🙁

Second to None

Tyent water is the industries highest quality ionized water that other strive to match.

Save Money!

The water costs so much less and carries the highest health benefits in a competitive market.

No Chemicals

Select ACID 3 setting and you can clean your home or office without cleaning chemicals!

The Ultimate Counter Top Water Ionizer

Tyent UK’s first 13-plate water ionizer: the ACE-13 Above-Counter Extreme with Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost. Loaded with unparalleled features and performance – the Tyent ACE-13 has been voted 2019 Ionizer of the Year!

Tyent’s ACE-13 is built with a stunning stainless steel design and smaller footprint that will upgrade your kitchen to become more powerful, stylish, and beautiful than ever imaginable.

The tyent ACE13 water ioniser - ionizer

The most advanced counter top water system in the world!

You have to take a look at this product! There is no other Alkaline Water Ionizer on the market that performs like this one…. a winner!

9 amazing types of water - each with a unique function!

tyent UCE11 touch control tap for alkalne ionized water

9 Amazing Water Choices

A balance of water for all health requirements and tastes as well as acid water for cleaning your home without nasty chemicals!

Tyent ACE11 alkaline water ioniser

4 Product Styles

A beautiful choice of products, three for above counter and one hidden under the counter - all with dynamic touch screen controls.

tyent ACE13 alkalne hydrogen water ionizer

Healthy Water Choices

Make your choice of water type via the touch screen contol or jog button. Either way it is quick and easy to always get the best from yout Tyent water ionizer.

girl tring alkaline water from our tyent UCE11 water ioniser

Featured Product
Tyent UCE11 Turbo

Looking for a reliable boost in energy or a healthier way to drink water at home? Ionized water may be the answer, and you have come to the right place. Tyent is at the cutting edge of water ionization technology.

Tyent Water News

How Water Can Aid Weight Loss

Replacing high calories drinks with water can help reduce your overall calorie intake, while also quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated better than sugary beverages.

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Lifetime Guarantee!!

Tyent are the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a free lifetime guarantee with all thier water ionizers.

Piece of mind for you, and a testiment as to the quality of our products.

Enjoy your Tyent Water Ionizer


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