4 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated
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4 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated

We have some tips to help boost your water intake and keep yourself hydrated.

Many of us have the best intentions to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day but often find ourselves gulping down an entire glass in seconds because we have neglected to keep up with it during the day.

The jury is still out on exactly how much water we should drink a day. Some say it should be a gallon of water a day – that’s 16 glasses – to the recommended eight glasses and even research that says between four and six glasses in enough to keep hydrated.

But some people may struggle to manage even that, whether it’s simply finding water a little boring, or perhaps find it hard to keep track of how much you’ve drunk.

We have some tips to help boost your water intake and keep yourself hydrated.

Use an app

There are several apps for both smartphones and smartwatches that will both remind you to drink water, and keep track of how much you’ve consumed. Apps include Aqualert and WaterMinder, both of which are available on Android and Apple devices.

Add flavour

Some people claim that water is tasteless, but that can easily be rectified by making fruit or herb-infused water. If you must add cordial or squash to your water, make sure it is sugar-free and made from natural ingredients.

Sip tea throughout the day

You could consume tea to get your water fix. A study conducted at Kings College London found that drinking tea could offer more benefits than water. The study claims that tea is even better than water, as it also contains antioxidants. However, half a gallon of tea a day might be a bit much for the average tea-loving Brit!

Eat foods rich in water

Not all your fluids have to come from liquid. You can stay hydrated by eating foods with high water content, too. Cucumbers, watermelon, and celery are some of the best foods for hydration with each of them having more than 90% water content.

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