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Congratulations on your Tyent application

Your Application has been received and is on the fast-track to approval

Here's what to expext next...

First – We’ve received your application, so you can expect a call within the next 24-48 hours directly from one of our Tyent Opportunity Managers.

Second – Get ready to be amazed and start making money while making yourself, your family and your clients healthier with Tyent alkaline, ionized, hydrogenized water. This is a stage of your life that you will not regret, things will change and you will move forward.

The Tyent Opportunity System gives you guaranteed business tools to automate your sales and rapidly enhance your sales skills while stepping into a new intuitive learning curve. We have invested a large 6 figure sum in producing a training environment and a back-end system so dynamic you will just not believe what we are giving you.

There is no other Dealer business tool like this within the water ioniser industry. This along with a World beating product guarantees your success – as long as you partake in some dedicated work!

Third – Stay focused and try to keep up. With basic training and our back-end system you will be receiving dynamic results right from the start. Remember to set your goals. In your application form we asked you how much extra income per month would make a difference to your life? Remember that and think about your initial goals. We are here if you need help and advice.

Tyent ionized water

Your Tyent Opportunity Success Call

Your Tyent Opportunity Success Call is not only going to help you understand how and why all the components of Tyent Evolve work together to create your success, but it will also give the Tyent Management Team the opportunity to see how you will fit into this business and where your strengths and weaknesses are, which will indicate how we can help your fast-track success!

tyent UCE11 touch control tap for alkalne ionized water

When we touch base, please indicate if it is a convenient time or whether rescheduling the call suits you better. We look forward to catching up.


Tyent MD – UK & Europe

Sales Support
1 %
Technical Knowledge
1 %
product guarantee
1 %

Our Flagship water ionizer, the ACE13



Lifetime Guarantee!!

Tyent are the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a free lifetime guarantee with all thier water ionizers.

Piece of mind for you, and a testiment as to the quality of our products.

Enjoy your Tyent Water Ionizer


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