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Tyent ACE & UCE Cleaning Filter


We do not use the term “limited” in our warranty!

You will find that when you are looking into warranties that Tyent International is the only company to offer a warranty with such high value – not as a gimmick to be used as a marketing strategy (with many stipulations). Our value is true value. Therefore, our Platinum Lifetime Warranty contains no stipulations, no fine print and no hassles.

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Directions For Use:

1) Turn off your ioniser and shut off the water supply going to the unit.

2) Locate the filter housing of your ioniser and remove the 2nd Filter.

3) Attach the Citric Acid Ioniser Cleaning Cartridge.  Do NOT over tighten!

4) Turn on both the power to the ioniser as well as the water supply.

5) Run water through the ioniser using the H2O CLEAN mode. DO NOT use any other mode when going through this cleaning process!

6) Allow H2O Clean water to cycle for 5 minutes.

7) Do not operate the machine for 3 hours.

8)  After 3 hours, follow steps 1-4, replacing the Citric Acid Ioniser Cleaning Cartridge with the original filter.

9)  Run the unit on the H2O cycle for 5 minutes to wash the filter inside with clean water.

10)  Check pH levels of the machine and flow rate.  The pH levels should return to normal.  If not, repeat steps 1 through 9. The process can be repeated up to FOUR times with one cartridge.

NOTE:  When cleaning your Tyent machine, be sure to always use the H2O purified water level only!  Do not use any other level while cleaning or damage could occur.

NOTE:  If your water ioniser is subject to hard water conditions, a Cell Safe Anti-Scale filter should be connected.  This filter will prevent scale build up on plates.



Lifetime Guarantee!!

Tyent are the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a free lifetime guarantee with all thier water ionizers.

Piece of mind for you, and a testiment as to the quality of our products.

Enjoy your Tyent Water Ionizer


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