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Tyent Beauty Soap


Tyent Beauty Soap

Each bar of TM-X Beauty Soap takes over 600 hours to make!

TM-X Beauty Soap is made with the best ingredients which can maintain the delicate balance of oil and moisture that is required for healthy skin. This is made possible through a 600 hour TM fermentation method, resulting in a premium cleansing soap that is truly natural.

TM-X Beauty Soap is unique in that it provides more than just one-time use results. The TM-X Beauty Soap’s natural ingredients absorb into the skin and work continuously to maintain healthy skin by activating the skin’s natural functions.


We do not use the term “limited” in our warranty!

You will find that when you are looking into warranties that Tyent International is the only company to offer a warranty with such high value – not as a gimmick to be used as a marketing strategy (with many stipulations). Our value is true value. Therefore, our Platinum Lifetime Warranty contains no stipulations, no fine print and no hassles.

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This soap is amazing.



Lifetime Guarantee!!

Tyent are the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a free lifetime guarantee with all thier water ionizers.

Piece of mind for you, and a testiment as to the quality of our products.

Enjoy your Tyent Water Ionizer


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