Should You Drink Warm Or Cold Water?
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Should You Drink Warm Or Cold Water?

When it comes to what you drink during exercise, experts explain that cold water is considered to be the best option.

There are often debates about whether drinking cold or warm water is better for your health, so now Stylist has asked nutritionists for their verdict on whether we should be drinking ice-cold water or luke-warm water, and whether there’s a time for both.

Ro Huntriss, clinical-lead dietician and nutritionist for EXALT, told the news provider that water is essential for our body’s health, regardless of the temperature at which it’s consumed. That means it’s better to drink water, whatever its temperature, than forgo it completely.

When it comes to what you drink during exercise, Ms Huntriss explained that cold water is considered to be the best option. This is because it can help to reduce your core body temperature and prevent you from overheating.

For the same reason, drinking cold water after an exercise session can be beneficial and make you feel more refreshed. Water at 16 degrees C is said to be optimum for post-exercise rehydration, she added.

However, when it comes to our digestion, it’s better to consume warmer fluids. This is according to Kim Plaza, nutritional adviser at Bio-Kult, who told the publication that studies have shown that drinking cold water when you eat can slow down your digestive process.

This could lead to indigestion, constipation and bloating, Ms Plaza added, although she noted that there is currently not enough research to provide conclusive evidence in this area.

As we pointed out in January, drinking more water, whatever its temperature, should be an aim for all of us this year. The NHS Eatwell guide recommends drinking between six and eight glasses of water per day.

Invest in a water ionizer in the UK and you will not only have the benefits of drinking more water, but also the benefits associated with drinking ionized water, which include a boost in energy levels and a purer water supply with no plastic taste.

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