The Importance Of Keeping Hydrated
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The Importance Of Keeping Hydrated

Without an adequate level of hydration, our physical and overall systemic health will be adversely affected.

We’ve all been told how important it is to drink plenty of water, and paying attention to our water intake daily is just as important as eating healthily, exercising, and getting proper sleep. Without an adequate level of hydration, our physical and overall systemic health will be adversely affected.

The human body is approximately 70 per cent water, and as we age, exercise, and gain and lose lean mass, our body water changes. The brains and lungs have a larger percentage of water as well. Not that you have to drink half your body weight in water daily, like Super Bowl athlete Tom Brady, but we wanted to have a look at why drinking plenty of water is important.

  1. When you exercise, you exhaust your muscles which may lead to an increased risk of injury. If your muscles are adequately hydrated it could help reduce the risk of injury to a certain extent.
  2. Your blood circulation improves if you are properly hydrated and that will ensure adequate levels of oxygen and other nutrients are moved, by your blood, into organs and muscles.
  3. Adequate and proper circulation of blood would ensure that your heart doesn’t have to work over-time to maintain normal blood pressure, either during or after exercise.
  4. The body regulates heat through sweat, which causes us to lose water. Replacing that water is critical to thermoregulation, which protects us from heat exhaustion, cramps, even heat stroke.

How to ensure you are drinking water through the day

One simple method of ensuring you drink enough water is to keep a stainless steel water bottle with filter with you, wherever you go, whether it’s work, the gym, home, etc. You can infuse the water with cucumber or lemon or orange if you find yourself getting bored of drinking water all day long.

Your daily water requirement, like any other dietary requirement, is dependent on the individual, their physical stress, environment, and physiology. It might take time and experimentation to find what works best and in what circumstances. So ensure you are staying hydrated and don’t neglect to drink your water!

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