Why You Should Wash Veg In Alkaline Water
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Why You Should Wash Veg In Alkaline Water

Using highly alkaline water causes a chemical reaction that will strip away any harmful pesticides that remain on the skin of your produce.

Anyone who is wanting to get the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables may not be getting the most out of their healthy choices, as an expert has warned that simply washing your produce in tap water is not good enough, and you should soak your veg and fruit in high alkaline water.

According to MyLondon, using water with a pH of around 11.5, thus highly alkaline, will cause a chemical reaction that will strip away any harmful pesticides that remain on the skin of your produce.

Many of the common pesticides used in agriculture are oil-based, which normal water will not remove with a rinse or a soak. The oil-based residue needs the alkaline effect to properly break them down.

Pesticides are used by farmers and food producers all around the world to fight off insects, pests, and weeds. Studies have shown that fruits such as apples, peaches, and nectarines, and veggies such as cucumbers, peppers, spinach, and potatoes are among the worst culprits for having a high pesticide residue left on their surfaces.

The pesticides are great for getting rid of bugs and diseases, however, they have been linked to conditions in humans such as skin irritation, eye issues, and even anxiety and ADHD if ingested.

According to experts, installing an alkaline water ioniser in the UK will help make your standard home water supply become a pH-managed product, and then to get the most out of your fresh fruit and veg, soak them for 10 to 30 minutes in alkaline water.

Ionised water expert Andrew Cowan said: “People are increasingly becoming aware of how what they put in their bodies can affect their health, both physical and mental.

“Soaking your tomatoes and cucumbers, for example, in high alkaline water with a pH of around 11.5 will strip away the chemical residue of any harmful pesticides. You will see the colour of the water change the longer the fruit and veg are soaking – which makes it even more satisfying, knowing the good you are doing to what you are about to eat.”

A water ioniser alters the state of standard drinking water, raising the pH level from neutral to 9.5, or high alkaline, which is said to have a myriad of health benefits, such as improved sleep as it helps neutralise acid levels in the bloodstream.

A typical device uses a two step-process to filter out ions that aren’t needed in drinking water to leave consumers with a higher pH value water.  

Firstly, it filters out components such as chlorine, trihalomethane, fluoride, pesticides, and micro-plastics using a multistage activated carbon filter, then a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through platinum-coated titanium electrodes.  

The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in a patented chamber designed to separate the water into two streams of ionised water.  

Various celebrities have given their support for ionised alkaline water, including Gwyneth Paltrow and seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.  

Supporters of the alkaline lifestyle believe in a range of potential health benefits including anti-ageing properties, improved hydration and weight loss.

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