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The ultimate water solution... with a dynamic business opportunity!

Perfect alkaline water that is super-charged with Hydrogen​

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Why join the Tyent UK business opportunity?

Maybe you are not currently living the life you desire. Or, maybe your life is exactly how you want it, yet you feel the need to be a part of the exploding water ioniser industry. Either way there is a great opportunity here, so please keep reading and get in touch if you have a question…

Whatever your situation, the GREAT news is that by reading this page, you’ve already taken the first step to becoming involved in something extraordinary. The Tyent Dealer PRogramme is like no other business opportunity!

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What do you get with a Tyent Business Opportunity?

Unrivalled Support

Over 24 years of research, development and excellent customer support creates a perfect business structure.

Impressive Sales Commissions

Sales commissions structured to enable you to either enhance your income or build your own Alkaline Water Business.

A Business Growth Opportunity

The harder you work the more you are rewarded. Tyent UK has over 25 years experience of developing Affiliate structured business that work for us and more importantly, YOU.

Tyent FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions and answers

Alkaline ionised water is great for everyone; this includes children, adults, elders and even your animals! It has benefits to some degree to nearly everyone and everything it comes in contact with.

Absolutely none, so long as it is used properly. Only the alkaline water should be consumed. NEVER DRINK THE ACIDIC WATER. We have never seen a single negative effect from Ionised Water, either alkaline water or acidic water when properly consumed/used.

Ionised Water provides your body with lots of oxygen, which is why it gives us energy. Ionised Water is much smoother tasting than conventional water. It makes better coffee, tea, juice, etc. Alkaline Water is wonderful to cook with because it helps hydrate the food and bring out its flavour. However, other changes in your body after drinking Ionised Water will be much more subtle and will take some time. Ionised Water can help bring your body into balance naturally by providing it with oxygen and alkalinity.

You will be amazed at the number of people that will just purchase 1 or 2 units outright! For those that wish to pay in instalments, Tyent UK have a range of finance options to suit. This facility is available for all distributors and thier clients.

We are hear to help you grow. It doesn’t matter if you are already a saleperson or you have never sold anything in your life! We offer the Tyent University videos and brochures as well as other marketing material. If you get stuck just get in touch.

Working with Tyent

The figures below are from pre-launch enquiries and sales! Wait till we officially get started!!

UK Distributors
New Enquiries
Satisfied Clients
Hours of Business Support

Industry Leaders

Enjoy excellent benefits such as: First-access to Tyent’s high-quality water ioniser products and excellent customer service, top-of-the-line marketing tools and resources accompanied by 24/7 dealer support, automated systems to get your water ionizer business ready for generating revenue in less than 24 hours, exclusive connections to and knowledge from Tyent’s Executive Team as well as key experts across multiple industries, a business opportunity with un-capped possibilities.

Bespoke industry leading  distributor portal that does all the hard work!


The Dynamic Distributor Back end System...

This system, designed and devloped by us, will make running your own business a breeze! Invite people, place orders, get reports and view your network hiearchy at the click of a button. An investment of a high 5 figure sum and countless development hours has produced the most advanced system of its kind in the water ioniser industry!

The Business Opportunity

You will be buying into a business structure that is based on support and guidance. World leading products, World leading support with an Admin software system that handles the workload, leaving you time to sell.


Endless Support

The Tyent Dealer Protect system ensures that leads you make remain yours right to the final sale!

Take control

Uncapped Earnings

You are paid commission on every sale you make. Along with bonus options, your earnings have no restrictions.


People Focussed

Our products are people focused, amazing health benefits and vitality. Our business is centered around you!

What distributors are saying


This product is not only life saving but so is the business. The company has confidence in their products and also their distributors. The possitive feedback I have had from the clients I have sold to is so rewarding. The backend system is so easy to keep tracks with what is going on.


I have never sold anything before and was worried about how I was going to sell £2500 products! The product sells itself, anazing health benefits that can be felt within days. I have been able to sell 3 in my first month and if I am honest I didn't really try that hard. Sorry Mum 🙂

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By 2021, tyent water ionisers will be 'the' major player in Western europe!

Tyent Water Ionisers

If you are selling Kangen products or even use one now, get in touch and let us show you your dreadful mistake!

Water Technology

No other manufacturer can come close to our technology, our quality and our business model. Sign up to get your dealer guide and see why.

Tyent Water Ionisers

Tyent Hydrogen water will leave you feeling your best. The water gives you energy and zest, more energy to start your new business!

Taste of Life!

Quality water is key to optimum health. Google ‘whats in my tap water’ and see why so many people are turning to our water ionisers.

Tyent Water Ionisers

Quie simple.... they are sexy. Beautiful enough to enhance any kitchen and be the talking point of your friends. Well that makes them easy to sell 🙂

Beautiful Designs

Not only do Tyent products deliver the highest quality water ionisers, but they look amazing in your kitchen. Take a look round our website…

Our Amazing Products

Tyent ACE 13 + Dealer Pack

Tyent UK’s first 13-plate water ioniser: the ACE-13 Above-Counter Extreme with Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost. Loaded with unparalleled features and performance


Tyent ACE 11 + Dealer Pack

Our above-counter extreme water ioniser is the first in its class and the only ioniser of its kind to offer Hydrogen Boost as well. Start your family drinking some healthier, safer water today!


Tyent UCE 11 + Dealer Pack

The Worlds most advanced under-counter water ioniser with a full colour touch control screen for easy selection of the required water. Designed to be as beautiful as possible, and easy to use


New Opportunity

how to build your own
business with Tyent UK

Are you interested in running your own business with excellent income potential?

Then make an enquiry by clicking on the button below and we will be in touch. There is no comitment, just information to highlight your potential.

How much additional income per month would make a change to your life?

£1200 +

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Lifetime Guarantee!!

Tyent are the only company in the UK and Europe to offer a free lifetime guarantee with all thier water ionizers.

Piece of mind for you, and a testiment as to the quality of our products.

Enjoy your Tyent Water Ionizer


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